The Sierra-at-Tahoe Education Foundation is a 501 C(3) non-profit that strives to support winter athletes enrolled in the Sierra-at-Tahoe competition teams: Snowboard, Freeski and Alpine. The Foundation's main purpose is to raise money to help support and grow these teams. We put on special events and coordinate the needs of our teams with the Sierra-at-Tahoe Management. We also provide scholarships to our athletes based on skill level, character and parent involvment.

Foundation Fee's

This year the Foundation fee is $100 for families with one competition team athlete and $25 for each additional competition team athlete. As always, this includes a team sweater per athlete on the comp teams as well as all other foundation benefits which are growing quite bit this year. 6 volunteer hours per season are requested for each family enrolled in our programs (8 hours for families with multiple kids).

Foundation Benefits

Please register your athlete on this website. Just go to the "Register / Login" link on the top right corner of this page. From there you can pay your foundation fee via Paypal. Alternatively, foundation payments can be sent to:

Sierra-at-Tahoe Education Foundation
1111 Sierra at Tahoe Rd
Twin Bridges, Ca 95735

Foundation Goals

Develop, encourage and teach sportsmanship, ethics and hard work. Champions are developed not born.

Provide a solid foundation where athletes can obtain a healthy attitude towards individual and team competition.

Inspire athletes to achieve their potential, face fears and do the best they can in trainings, competitions and in life.

Board Meeting - 1/4/20

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